Language school hectic work

Language school teacher


For staff of the language school

Language school staff and go the preparation of teaching materials that all students are easy to understand in addition to teaching the language to be able to master, there are an equal number of business to take the students and communication. Since the staff of the language school in a limited period of time must be very many things is allowed to impoverished the mind and body, leave of absence, is not a few cases to select a retirement. Since the employees of the environment is not even less the case is not good there is also when it is difficult to provide a stable service to students by the school.

Staff to be enrolled in school

The language school, for students like is spend a better life, the staff in charge of the various missions are currently enrolled. For example, activity staff Are You a chance to contact with a number of students to obtain. The language school, time or after school, and events such as excursions and barbecue using the weekend, so everyone is easy to take the communication, also, to be able to tourist with a sense of security in the land you are not familiar, like this planning and has not been prepared. To oversee this event, it is the people of the activity. Classes at school is also of course important, but you can strive to more activities through such activity.



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